Known as IPL or Photofacial- these treatments target pigmented spots, (brown spots),  sun damaged/aging skin, telangectasias (fine broken blood vessels) and Pre-cancerous lesions..  This treatment will also reduce the redness from patient's suffering from Rosacea and Melasma.How Does It Work? All light based Skin Rejuvenation treatments work by emitting light of the specific wavelength needed to target the area to be treated. IPL's target the  red/brown pigment in the cells. The darker the spot, the more light is absorbed, causing these cells to turn over more quickly and slough off.


Because the wavelength targets red and brown, the IPL is also effective on the fine broken blood vessels that are the cause of the micro Spider Veins and Rosacea.  


Due to the fact that pre-cancerous cells contain, red and brown pigments, the IPL can destroy these abberrant cells before they progress to an actual cancer.  The heat generated by IPL's will also stimulate the growth of collagen so that after a series of treatments the overall texture and appearance of the skin improves and the result is more youthful looking skin!


What Is The Treatment Like?

During the treatment you will notice the bright flashes of the light and a mild warming sensation. Immediately following the procedure you can resume normal activities. There is no downtime.

What to expected Immediately after Treatment.

Each patient is different, but in the first 24 hours, some patient's may experience mild redness, brown spots may be come darker and more pronounced.  In the next week these darker areas come to the surface and are exfoliated in the normal couse of washing your face. Treatments are usually spread out over the course of three weeks and the skin will improve even more over time.


How many treatments are needed?

The number of IPL treatments you wish to have is based on the amount of damage and the size of the area of the skin to be treated which varies considerably from patient to patient. Call or contact us for a  free consultation to discuss how IPLs  can help you to achieve youthful looking skin.

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