Vivace RF !!    

Fractional Micro Needle RF 

 Vivace introduces the newest revolution in Contouring and Tightening for the Face, Jowl,, Neck, Hands and Body.

  * Alleviates fine lines and wrinkles.

  * Tightens the skin.

  * Virtually pain free.

  * No down time

  * Immediate results plus continuing

     improvement as the body builds more 


   Here at Davinci we have been waiting for this technology to be perfected. 

  Vivace has done just that with their synergistic combination of Radio Frequency for

   skin tightening and Micro Needling for skin rejuvenation. 


  The Vivace platform provides the versitility to customize the treatments for optimal

   results for all skin types while providing a safe and comfortable experience.

  It is just great to hear the very enthusiastic feedback we are getting from our clients

   who are loving this procedure !!! 



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