Microneedling and Skin Tightening

  The Vivaci RF is the most technically advanced

      option for this exciting new technology. 

  By combining two effective treatments--

     Mirconeedling and Radio Frequency Energy

     simultaneously, a synergistic effect multiplies the

     effectiveness of each for enhanced results. 


  The gold tipped needles allow each treatment to be

      totally customized to deliver the exact amount of

      energy at the perfect depth and duration for

      your unique skin type for optimal skin

      tightening and wrinkle reduction.



   The miniaturized robotic needle actuator provides

      the smoothest and most comfortable experience

      in this virtually painless procedure.


      Refined jaw line

      Reduction of neck skin laxity

      Reduced fine lines and wrinkles

      Healthier more elastic skin

      Smoother complexation

      Reduction in stretch marks  

      Reduction of mild acne scarring


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