Acne Treatment

Taking the mystery out of Acne. 


What is acne? 

Simply defined, acne is a clogged pore/hair follicle that has become infected with the common bacteria known as “P. Acnes”.


How can Acne be cured?  

The cure is found by 1) clearing the clogged pores, 2) taking pre-emptive action to prevent the future clogs,  3) killing the bacteria causing the current infection and 4) eliminating the  conditions in which the P. Acnes bacteria can easily grow and multiply. Whether you are dealing with a few pimples or deep cystic infections, today we have very effective treatments to accomplish each of the four steps to achieving a blemish free face!!!


The key to long term success. 

The number one principle in the fight against Acne- Treat your skin, not individual pimples! Although it is very tempting to pick and squeeze, it is a losing tactic.


What causes clogged pores?  

Our skin renews itself every day through the process of exfoliation. This simply means that new skin cells are constantly forming in the base layers of our skin and the older cells are pushed to the surface where they slough off leaving a fresh layer of skin. The same process occurs within the pores in our skin. The lining of our pores are constantly being renewed and the old cells dislodge and are dumped into the center of the pore. Normally these cells get flushed out by our oil glands and our pores remain small and clear of debris.  The process can get interrupted, however, for any number of reasons- change in hormones, stress or genetics. When cells are not flushed out, they form a sticky oily clog that continues to grow larger creating whiteheads and blackheads.


Progression of an acne infection –  

Clogged pores can be the perfect breeding ground for the bacteria P. Acnes.  As the bacteria grow, the body mounts its defense by sending in white blood cells to destroy the bacteria, dilating capillaries to increase blood flow and releasing histamine which causes swelling.  The area around the infection becomes enflamed and painful because of the pressure on surrounding nerves.  Pus is formed from the dead bacteria and the white blood cells that die battling the infection.  To stop the further spread of infection, the body seals off the area forming pustules (pimples and cysts). Note that even after the body has killed off the infection, pimples may still appear to be active with the accompanying pain, swelling and redness remaining for days. 


Perils of Picking and squeezing:

1)  The pressure of squeezing may push the infection deeper into the skin.                                                                                            

2) Squeezing may allow new bacteria into a pimple that the body has already resolved.                                                                                     

3) Most people are unaware  that at any particular time your body is fighting and “nipping in the bud” many start up infections. Squeezing near one of these sites can create an opportunity for P. Acnes to break through the skin’s defenses and cause an eruption that otherwise never would have occurred.                                                                      


4)Much of the scarring and pitting that results from Acne is caused by picking and squeezing during the teen years.


Addressing the Causes of Acne-    

Unclogging pores and preventing the growth of P. Acnes.   

Davinci uses physician grade products that are designed specifically to dissolve the sticky material that clogs pores. These work in combination with products that scrub and wash away this material as it is dissolved. 

A second group of products penetrates the pores further helping to clear debris, kill the bacteria and create an oxygen rich environment within the pore that further inhibits bacterial growth.

 Finally there are a group of products that protect, moisturize and reduce inflammation of the skin while providing a protective barrier against bacteria.


Initially it may take more than these specialized products to get acne breakouts under control. There are a number ways to accomplish this, including esthetician administered acne specific facial cleaning with medicated infusions, facial peels, and laser treatments. There are also cases when a course of antibiotics may be indicated at the beginning.


Creating a custom program for clear skin. 

 Each of us is born with our own unique skin so treatment can’t be “one size fits all”.  Your skin type, the severity of acne, other skin conditions and your lifestyle are each evaluated to create a program that will work best for you. 

All our acne patients have had great results.  Our staff is very caring and passionate about their work in resolving acne because it can make such a difference in self-image and confidence.   All consults are free. Come see us, get your face clear, and start feeling your confident self.


Our Commitment to You.

We have had many successes in treating Acne. We know how difficult it can be to face the world when you feel that people aren't seeing you, but just the spots on your face. We have been through it ourselves and understand.  We have been successful in treating this condition because of the commitment we make to finding the protocol that will work best for you.  Give us a call today and make an appointment to come in and see Susan. She will work with you to create a personalized plan to achieve the clear skin clear that we all deserve. 


  (Metaphoric Words of Wisdom)

 Think of the perfectly beautiful grass on the fairway of a golf course. There are no weeds. How is this accomplished?  Is there an army of weed pickers out every morning and night digging at the roots and pulling up the weeds? If this was the approach, there would be holes all over the course, spoiling the perfection, and those holes would be the perfect place for new weeds to grow.   The answer is that they treat the whole fairway. They treat the fairway with products that promote healthy grass and discourage the growth of weeds. Sure they take the time for daily care, but they do not pick!